Book Me In

To Book Yourself into a Course having viewed the Timetable, or if you have an Enquiry, please fill in the form below. Point to and left click inside the first box and type details, then tap the Tab key on your keyboard (Left hand side above ‘Caps Lock’) to go to the next text box (repeat) until the form is complete then Left click Submit. You will then be contacted asap.

If you wish to obtain a Membership Form, Please click this link SCCCC Membership Form Print this Form and fill it in bringing it with you when you attend your course Start. This will save a lot of time.  Thank you.


You can also contact the club using one of the following methods;

Club’s Phone: (02) 4307 9421 (message only)

Please leave your name, contact details and a brief description of the course(s) that you are interested in. A club official will contact you at the earliest opportunity.



Applicants will be enrolled into their preferred course on a first come, first served basis.
You will receive a Name Badge within a short period which you should wear when attending classes or functions.