About Us

Office bearers can be seen on the Members Only page.

Lockdown and Disruption ?? The Club is closed until decision at the AGM is made.

The Clubroom is a Covid19 Safe Environment.

Please be advised that the WEARING of a MASK is once again Mandatory whilst attending the Clubroom. The Services NSW Covid19 Check in and the use of the Hand Sanitizer provided on Entry is necessary.  Cleaning after use will always be administered. Thank you.

  Details of subjects available are on the Term Timetable and your participation will be greatly appreciated.

New computer Programs of Interest. If anyone has Used, Seen or Heard of any Computer Program that may be of Interest to Members, Please let the Committee know so that it can be Investigated for probable future use.

The Clubroom is Closed until ????



The S.C.C.C.C. Inc. was founded on 15th May 1998, when a steering committee was formed at a meeting called to gauge public interest on the viability of a club for Seniors to help other Seniors learn how to use a computer. The need for a club was immediately apparent by the number of people who attended on a very wet day. The club was registered and commenced official operations on 27th July 1998.

Our aim is to provide an introduction, training, self-help assistance, and advice on all aspects of computer use. We offer a friendly service (within the scope of the expertise of the club) to anyone 50+ years of age to learn at his or her own pace. There is no pressure to keep up with others. All our facilitators are members of the club who give their time voluntarily and without payment.

Our Constitution can be seen here;  SCCCC Constitution

We Tutor Microsoft Windows / Word Processing / Publisher / Power Point / Excel / Email the Internet and much more. We also have skilled Tutors for Android, Smart Phones and Apple iPad/iPhone and more.  Beginner sessions operate as groups in a room using a data projector and screen to aid understanding. These groups are hands on, using networked computers. We encourage those with their own machines to bring them along, as to learn on your own machine is much better.  More advanced groups are provided for, and these topics (or subjects) are advertised in the relevant Timetables. Bookings must be made for all sessions using the Form at Book Me In.

More information is available by contacting the Club by phone or email. If you think that you are too slow to be taught, rest assured that we can only progress as fast as the slowest person. You will NOT be left behind.

  • We are a non-profit volunteer organization

  • We encourage Seniors to join us as we learn together

  • We are a Club set up by Seniors for Seniors

  • We provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

Classes and Fees

Classes are held Monday to Friday, at the Kincumber Neighbourhood Centre, as advertised on the Timetable or as advised by the Clubs Booking Officer.

  • Financial year of the SCCCC is July 1st – June 30th. See our Constitution for more Information.

  • Club Membership Fee ….$30

  • Annual Renewal …..$10 (Due 1st July)

  • Payment of Course Fees

    Our Course Fees, as determined by SCCCC Committee on 03/02/2021 MUST be Received at least 7 Days before the beginning of the relevant Term to organize classes in a Timely and Orderly manner.  

    1 Week Course or Help $15.00

    2 Week Course $30.00

    3 Week Course $45.00

    4 Week Course $55.00

    5 Week Course $65.00

    6 Week Course $65.00

    7 Week Course $70.00

    8 Week Course $80.00

    All of which can now be paid Online via Bank Transfer,  details of which are available on the “Book Me In” page and also printed on the Newsletter. Eftpos is unavailable due to costs involved.                                                             

    Help and information for the Seniors Computer Club Central Coast can be found by:  Phoning the club on (02) 4307 9421 or email scccc@internode.on.net  making the subject of the email : attn. Committee  for further details.

Club Meetings

The General meetings are held randomly to discuss various matters, advertised on our Newsletter, Club Meetings page and on the Notices page of our blog.

Members Only Page

This page is password protected. Members may contact the President or the Secretary for the password.

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